My Friends Laughed, and my Family Thought I was "Crazy" When I Quit my Great Job to Start a Lawn Business....

...Until Three Years Later, When I Sold my Lawn Business for a Very fat Check!!

Give me 11 minutes and I'll show you how you can build your own extremely successful lawn business.

Dear Friend,

I've been in your shoes before! At the beginning of 2003, I decided it was time for me to quit my job. I'll be honest; it wasn't an easy decision. I wasn't stuggling at my job, I was actually doing very well.

I had a job as an "account executive" (a glorified title for a sales rep). I was 24 years old and making over $50,000 per year. My schedule was great - Monday through Friday from 8-5. I was off every single weekend. Why did I want to quit?

I was Tired of Having Someone Tell me When to be at Work, and Telling me how Many Days per Year I Could Take off!

I wanted more FREEDOM! Maybe, you understand the way I felt. I felt trapped. I longed for freedom. Not freedom from a challenge. I simply wanted to control my own schedule.

I took Nike's advice. I just did it. I went to my boss and told him I'd be quitting in two weeks. He was mad! But not as "mad" as my parents were. My boss was mad because he was losing his #1 salesperson. My parents were mad because they paid for half my college education, and now in their opinion, I was wasting my life by starting a lawn business.

Honestly, that wasn't the worst part. What made it worse was all my friends telling me I was crazy and laughing at me for my "foolish" idea. But all their criticism and joking made me that much more determined to make my lawn business successful.

But After a Full Year in Business, I was Struggling to pay the Bills...

Two years prior to opening my lawn business I graduated from college with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. I tried implementing several of the "techniques" I had learned in college. But every "technique" I tried seemed to fail, and brought me closer to proving my friends and family correct.

"From Employee to Successful Lawn Business Owner!"
I went from working a dead end job to owning my very own lawn business. This is by far the best course available, anywhere!

If something didn't change soon, I'd have to admit "they"(my friends and family) were right, and go get another "real" job. But I had no idea what to do. No idea who to trust for advice. No idea if I would survive.

Out of the blue a friend suggested that I call her cousin who owned what she called a "very successful lawn business." I had nothing to lose, so I gave him a call. He agreed to meet with me and give me advice on how to get my small, struggling lawn business off life support.

When the appointed day came, I drove over 150 miles one way to meet with him. I remember thinking on my way there that if he didn't give me some revolutionary advice, I was going to close my lawn business.

I didn't know anything about his lawn business or how "successful" it really was. But when I pulled into the parking lot, I knew his business had be to "very successful"!

As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed a nursery to the left, a gift shop straight in front of me, and a very large metal shop to the right. It appeared as if he didn't just own a "successful" lawn business, but a very successful lawn empire.

"Fast Growth for Beginner!"
Thanks to the Lawn Business Success Course. I went from zero accounts to eight in only one month. I caught my competition off guard!
Carlos Meza

After a brief introduction, my soon to be mentor wanted me to meet his vice president of lawn maintenance. After visiting with him for a few minutes, he wanted to introduce me to his vice president of landscaping. From there he wanted me to meet the gift shop manager, and then his landscape architect, and then his salesman/estimator.

After all these introductions, he took me on a tour of his facilities. I discovered he had over 40 full-time employees. His business was extremely successful. Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold.

Honestly, I was Embarrassed When he Asked how Things Were Going With my Lawn Business!

In order to save myself some embarrassment I wanted to tell him things were going well, but I didn't. I told him exactly how horrible things were. I even told him I was seriously considering closing the business. When I mentioned this, he appeared to find my struggle funny. He smiled and chuckled.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I asked what was so funny. What he said over the next few minutes changed my life.

He told me he had faced the exact same problems when he first started. He said he had considered throwing in the towel several times. He went on to share all the struggles he had been through during the process of growing a multi-million dollar lawn business.

I'll spare you all the gory details, but knowing all the problems he had faced made me feel much better about the few problems I was having with my lawn business. During the next several hours, he shared with me specific strategies to take my lawn business to the next level.

It was Like Someone Took the Blinders off...I was Able to see Solutions and Opportunities That I had Never Noticed Before.

My lawn business almost immediately starting making more money, thanks in part to the Central Nervous System.

Ever heard of the Central Nervous System? Don't worry, I had never heard of it until meeting with this successful lawn company owner. In the Lawn Business Success Course I'll show you how to create your very own Central Nervous System (this will help your lawn business grow faster than all your competition).

Many of the "impossible" problems seemed to disappear. Over the next two years my business grew from $25,000.00 in annual sales to $200,000.00. My friends and family couldn't believe the "over-night" transformation.

During January of 2006, I decided that I was ready for a new challenge and adventure. I put my lawn business up for sale. Within a few weeks I had an offer I couldn't refuse. Early in February of 2006 I took a large check to the bank and began looking for a new challenge.

This time I didn't have to do much looking because the challenge came to me. Friends and people who I had never met began calling me and asking me to help them grow their businesses. I started working with lawn company owners all across the United States helping them start and grow their own successful lawn businesses.

"The Lawn Business Success Course is the best available."
I purchased two other "how to start a lawn business" books before I bought this one. The Lawn Business Success Course is the hands down winner. I highly recommend it!
Joseph Lontz
Orlando, Florida

People offered me part ownership in their businesses just to help them take their business to the next level. I love the challenge of helping people take their lawn businesses to a level they never imagined possible.

All the one-on-one consulting resulted in a problem for me. TIME! I just don't have enough time to work with everyone who wants my help on a one-on-one basis. That's why I started this website, it provides me with a way to help more people.

Through this site you have exclusive access to the same materials my personal consulting clients use.

You can not and will not Find a Course More Effective Anywhere on the Internet!

Packed into the Lawn Business Success Course is everything you need to start and grow a VERY successful lawn business. Nothing has been left out. You get powerful strategies that are easy to follow, and can be implemented with little or no money.

What's Inside

This complete lawn care guide includes five power-packed sections, full of strategies and tactics that will provide a strong foundation for you to build your lawn business on. This is the most up to date and useful information you can get anywhere, showing you the exact steps to take while starting and growing your lawn business.

Here's what is in each section....

How to Start and Grow a Successful Lawn Business
  • How to name your lawn business so it helps build credibility for you (Even if you have no experience.)

  • Learn the one question that can double the lifetime value of each of your customers.

  • Discover how to put your lawn company on autopilot.

  • Learn what type of business you should establish.

  • Discover three powerful methods for giving estimates, and one that is sure to increase your profitability.

  • Learn where to find the most recent lawn industry news.

  • Understand the basics of lawn equipment and what you should look for.

  • Learn how to write an estimate that actually helps you get the job.

  • Find out how to schedule your time to maximize profits.

  • Discover secrets to improving your company image.

  • Six phone tips to increase the number of accounts you get.

  • Learn what to do in the cold winter months.

  • Discover the one principle that will not only change your lawn company, but also your life.
Lawn Business Marketing 101:
  • Discover why marketing your lawn business matters.

  • Learn the truth about lawn company marketing ,and how to stand out in a crowded market.

  • I'll show you step-by-step how not to become a bottom feeder (someone fighting over $15.00 lawns).

  • Learn simple ways to attract more customers than you can handle.

  • Learn how to keep customers once you get them.

  • The why's and how's to track all your marketing and advertising.

  • Discover how to figure out who you are talking to, and how it will effect your profit.

  • I'll reveal four key ingredients to all successful and effective advertising.

  • You'll learn how to train your customers to become your free salesforce.

  • Why you must build a fence around your customers, and how it will drastically increase your profits.

  • Learn some outside-the-box lawn marketing strategies.

  • Learn how to determine if you are leaving money on the table, and how to get it if you are.

  • Discover exactly where you can find a ton of new target clients.
Residential Lawn Marketing Secrets:
  • Learn the "SECRETS" of residential lawn marketing.

  • Discover how you can present your estimate to land more accounts.

  • I'll show you four correct steps to giving an estimate.

  • Learn a simple technique to get your clients to give you a testimonial.

  • Learn a simple technique to get referrals from your clients.

  • See why and how to train customers to tell others about your company.

  • Simple methods of getting your customers to advertise for you.

  • You'll see how to drastically increase the number of prospects that become customers.

  • I'll give you four letters that will turn your prospects into valuable customers.

  • You'll also get four letters that will transform referrals into profitable customers.

  • Two special reports that will generate more business for your company...all you have to do is put your company name in the blanks.

  • Door hangers, postcards and flyers which will generate more business for you.

  • Powerful sales letters to send to target prospects that will instantly position you as an expert in their minds.
Commercial Lawn Marketing Secrets:
  • Learn the "SECRETS" of commercial lawn marketing.

  • Discover why what you've been doing is probably completely wrong.

  • I'll tell you the truth about commercial clients.

  • Learn Five things that matter most to commercial clients.

  • I'll reveal the four steps to getting more commercial clients.

  • Learn how to train clients to tell others about your company.

  • Learn how to get testimonials from your commercial clients.

  • Learn how to drastically increase the number of commercial prospects who become customers.

  • You'll get four letters that will turn your commercial prospects into valuable customers.

  • You'll also get four letters which will transform commercial referrals into profitable customers.

  • A special report that will generate more commercial business for your company...all you have to do is put your company name in the blanks.

  • How to instantly position your company as an expert in their minds.
Employee Resources:
  • A complete lawn company employee handbook.

  • An employment application designed to screen out people who don't match your company.

  • Dress code policies.

  • Drug and alcohol policies.

  • Minor, major and critical offenses and how you'll deal with them.

  • Vacation time, sick time, holiday time off.

  • Probationary periods.

  • How do employees qualify for promotions and pay increases.

  • Corrective discipline measures and when they will occur.

  • How employees will interact with customers.

  • Equipment and vehicle safety proceedures

  • Authorization for release of information.

If that isn't is a little more of what's inside:

  • You'll learn the one mistake even experienced lawn company owners make that kills all their marketing efforts. In addition, learn how to use a simple, easy "adjustment" that will instantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing by 200% or more! (Imagine consistently getting prospects to call you, and having to turn away business!)

  • Learn how to master this marketing system in the shortest time possible. At the same time you drastically increase the lifetime value of each customer!

  • Why "beginners" are able to use this system to quickly surpass more experienced lawn company owners! Even if they don't have any previous business experience! (In fact, the less you understand about what the "experts" try to tell you, the faster you'll have more business than you can handle!)

  • How mailing one letter can drastically change your business forever! (Not one veteran lawn company owner in a thousand even suspects the potency of this simple letter!)

  • The one question that can double the life time value of each customer. It doesn't require any special skill, you simply have to ask.

  • How to use the secrets of "unveiling" your customer's maximum profit! (Traditional ideas rob you of this potential power - while this course will actually increase it two-fold!)

  • Why your new ads will cause your competition to shake their heads. Until they see you taking their customers from them! (I guarantee they'll say you're crazy, but it won't be long before their customers want to switch to you!)

  • How answering simple questions will enable you to put your lawn company on autopilot. You'll be free to work "on your business" instead of "in your business"! (Even if you're just getting started, have no business experience, or don't have any extra money to invest in your company!)
  • The truth behind the "Central Nervous System"-and why 99% of all lawn company owners completely blow it after they get their very first customer.

  • Learn how to instantly diagnose mistakes in your lawn company-so you'll never continue on the wrong path! A complete "fail safe" system of correcting your business before it's too late!

  • Marketing to existing customers- using letters already written-to increase your customer base 10 times faster!

  • How to appear as an "expert"! No matter how new you are to the lawn industry!

With the special "BONUS SECTION", you'll get a commercial and residential contract. These aren't your average contracts, they actually will help you land more accounts.

Commercial and residential proposals are included. No more trying to figure out how to write winning proposals/estimates.

Also, there are four powerful collection letters designed to get your money from the few clients who may decide not to pay you.

Picking up Your Copy of the Ultimate Lawn Business Course Will be the Best Investment you Make all Year! Guaranteed!!

I know what you're thinking! "Wow, Wayne you are offering a TON of insider techniques and strategies. The course must be really expensive." It's the first question that goes through people's mind when they see all the powerful insider secrets included with the course. I'd be wondering how much I would have to invest as well.

I'm so confident this will be the best investment you make all year, I'm willing to give you an amazing guarantee.

5 Reasons to get the Lawn Business Success Course Right now!

1)  IT WORKS! This course has been used by dozens of people who now own successful lawn companies.

2)  You can become your own boss. Free yourself from the "rat race".

3)  Control your own paycheck. You will no longer have someone else controlling how much you make.

4)  Get ahead of your competition. You'll have resources that will help you stand-out from the crowd.

5)  You aren't just a dreamer. You are ready to take control of your own life.

Order right now! You have nothing to lose? As soon as you place your order the course will be instantly downloadable, so you can read, save, and print the entire course from the comfort of your home.

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To Your Success.

Wayne Mullins

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"From Employee To Lawn Successful Lawn Business Owner!"
I went from working a dead end job to owning my very own company. This is by
far the best course available anywhere!

"Fast Growth For Beginner!"
Thanks to The Lawn Business Success Course I went from zero lawn accounts to eight in only one month. I caught my competition off guard!
Carlos Meza

"The Ultimate Lawn Course is the best available."
I purchased two other "how to start a lawn business" books before I bought this one. The Lawn Business Success Course is the hands down winner. I highly recommend it!
Joseph Luther
Orlando, Florida

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